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  • General Body Meeting 2015
  • ISPO World Congress 2015
  • ISPO Pakistan Participation in World Congress 2013 India
  • Short Course on Research Methodology and Hands on SPSS
  • world cerebral palsy day celebrations
  • Pakistan Orthotics Prosthetics Day 2014 celebrations
  • Training workshop on Orthotic Management of CP Child at Islamabad 3rd & 4th May 2014
  • Participation at 3rd Education Expo university of Swat
  • Training on Orthotic Management of Scoliosis


Since 1988 till 2012 there was no ISPO National Member Society in Pakistan. Individual had direct contact with ISPO International for registration and no awareness and knowledge about the function and importance of ISPO and there was no multidisciplinary forum was existed to work for Rehab professionals (P&Os, Physiotherapist, Doctors, Rehab Specialist and Suppliers).


ISPO Pakistan 1st General Body Meeting 

First General Body meeting was held in October 2007. A committee of three members was constituted and task assigned to them was drafting of constitution for ISPO Pakistan and registration of new members no progress was made in this regard and committee dissolve it self.


ISPO Pakistan 2nd General Body Meeting 

ISPO Pakistan 2nd general body meeting was held in January 2012 at Peshawar. Total 20 members was participated in this meeting and a committee of 3 members was constituted comprise of Mr. NizarAkhtar, Mr. IrtizaKazmi and Mr. JavaidGhani. The following tasks was assigned to the committee.

 -To increase number of members
- Conduct election for Executive Body of ISPO Pakistan
- The number of members increased up to 36 and conducted first ever Election in September 2012.


ISPO Pakistan 3rd General Body Meeting & Election 2012

ISPO Pakistan conducted first ever Election in September 2012 for the selection of Executive body. Dr. BakhtSarwar was the chief guest and total 28 members was participated in the meeting. All the members actively participated in the election and after a tough competition the Executive body of ISPO Pakistan elected comprised of

·         Mr. Zia urRehman                 President

·         Mr. FaridUllah Khan               General Secretary

·         Mrs. MomiGul                       Treasure


ISPO Pakistan 4th General Body Meeting & Election 2013

ISPO Pakistan 4th general body meeting was held on Saturday 14thDecember 2013 in Mehfil Restaurant at Islamabad. The meeting was attended by 54 participants out of whom 50 were the ISPO Pakistan Active members and 4 nonmembers

Following elected for ISPO Pakistan Executive Body for the Year 2014-15

·         President                                      Mr. Zia urRehman

·         Vice President                               Mr. Liaquat Ali Malik

·         General Secretary                          Mr. FaridUllah

·         Treasurer                                     Mrs. MomiGul

·         Information Secretary                    Mr. Irtiza Kazmi

·         Joint Secretary                             Mr. Zohaib Hassan

·         Communication Secretary              Mr. Ayaz Khan